Lab Members

Adrian Egli, MD PhD: Principal Investigator

(alphabetic order)

Jessica Agnetti: Master student (medical faculty)

Lukas Boos: Master student (medical faculty)

Aline Cuenod, MSc: PhD student

Christian Gehringer, MSc, Dr.rer.medic : Scientific Resident Physician

Christina Homberger: Master student (Biozentrum)

Daniela Lang, Research technician

Janina Linnik, MSc: PhD student

Marius Müller, B.Sc.: Master student (medical factuality)

Chantal Ott, B.Sc.: Master student (medical faculty)

Helena Seth-Smith, PhD: Research Associate

Josiane Reist, BSc: Research technician

Elisa Roth: MD thesis student (medical faculty)

Mohammedyaseen Syedbasha, MSc: PhD student

Dominik Vogt, MSc, MSc: Research technician

Daniel Wuethrich, PhD: Research Associate


Julia Hartmann, MSc thesis
Yvonne Hollenstein, MD thesis
Lukas Kaufmann, MSc thesis
Laura Maurer Pekerman, study Nurse
Dr. Dominik Meinel, post doctoral fellow
Kathrin Ullrich, study nurse
Madeleine Vollmer

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