Lab Members

(alphabetic order)

Adrian Egli, MD PhD: Principal Investigator

Jessica Agnetti: Master student (medical faculty)

Lukas Boos: Master student (medical faculty)

Sabeth Essl: Master student (medical faculty)

Christian Gehringer, MSc, Dr.rer.medic : Scientific Resident Physician

Christina Homberger: Master student (Biozentrum)

Daniela Lang, Research technician

Janina Linnik, MSc: PhD student

Dominik Meinel, PhD: Post Doctoral Fellow

Chantal Ott: Master student (medical faculty)

Helena Seth-Smith, PhD: Post Doctoral Fellow

Josiane Reist, BSc: Research technician

Elisa Roth: MD thesis student (medical faculty)

Mohammedyaseen Syedbasha, MSc: PhD student

Dominik Vogt, MSc MSc: Research technician


Julia Hartmann, MSc thesis
Yvonne Hollenstein, MD thesis
Lukas Kaufmann, MSc thesis
Laura Maurer Pekerman, study nurse
Kathrin Ullrich, study nurse
Madeleine Vollmer

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