Dr. Dominik Meinel, Post Doctoral Fellow


Dr. rer. nat. Dominik Meinel

Applied Microbiology Research, Lab 315

Tel: +41 612654248

Email: dominik.meinel@usb.ch

Current Posts:

Since 10/2015: Postdoc, Department Biomedicine, University Basel

Previous Posts:

2009-2014: Ph.D. student in the lab of Katja Strässer, Gene Center, LMU Munich, Germany

2014-2015: Postdoc, Infectious disease and epidemiology department, Bavarian Health and Food Safety Authority, Oberschleissheim, Germany


2009-2014: Fellow of the International Max Planck Research School, Martinsried, Germany

Research Interests:

During my studies I became interested in the cellular biology causing human diseases. Later on, I got attracted more and more by genome biology and regulatory mechanisms of gene expression. During my PhD thesis in the lab of Katja Strässer at the Gene Center Munich, I investigated the regulation of mRNP export and its coupling to transcription in yeast using classic cell biology as well as functional genomics methods.

Afterwards, I started to apply genomics such as “next generation sequencing” to investigate molecular epidemiology and transmission pathways of bacteria and viruses as well as to search for unknown virulence factors and adaptions of the pathogen to the host. After establishing a small sequencing facility at the Bavarian Health and Food Safety Authority, I went on to the clinical microbiology lab of the University Hospital Basel and the research group Applied Microbial Research, both headed by Adrian Egli, to work on the application of sequencing technologies in diagnostics and research of infectious diseases.



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